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Our Story

Over twenty years ago in our restaurant (Blaine Creek Steak and Pasta House) our first barbecue sauce "Dad's Original Sweet And Spicy"  came to be.  It has stayed true to the original recipe just perfected with time.  But during that time countless people told us it was the best barbecue sauce they had ever had and that we should sell it.  Reviews like this fueled our dreams of sharing this sauce with our friends and family. And then came the passion to develop and perfect new variations of the sauce like "Mama's Honey Barbecue and Spicy Jalapeno", a couple of the favorites. 


Other sauces like the Maple Mustard came from oops in the kitchen. One day while preparing the evening's special at the restaurant, Russell was in the kitchen making a batch of honey mustard and instead of grabbing the bottle of honey he grabbed a bottle of maple syrup.  Once realizing what had happened he tasted the sauce and had the special sign for that day changed. The specials sold out and the "Maple Mustard" sauce became a favorite.


The restaurant has since closed but our dream of bringing our barbecue sauces and seasonings to the world has lived on. And with the support of our friends and family the brand continues to grow.  


Mishelle Toavs

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